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About Me

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”  Brené Brown


My Story

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I have experienced complex traumas throughout my life. I tried to hide and deny that I was dealing with difficult and painful emotions and that I was "normal" and unaffected by my experiences with trauma.  I learned to survive by not acknowledging my pain. Yet, I have always had a strong drive to make a better life for myself, heal and find inner peace. I always felt I was meant for something more; I didn't know how until I started my healing process and realized how passionate I was about being able to use my experiences to help support others in a way that helps them feel heard, and seen in a judgement-free, empathetic and compassionate way. 


 I was inspired to become a counsellor In my early 30s; I started to realize and was honest with myself about how these experiences with trauma throughout my life have created patterning of behaviour, negative thinking and core beliefs about myself. It took me reaching my 30s to realize these patterns were showing up in my relationships. I chose to find support and really start deep inner healing. I started working with a therapist to explore and validate my experiences/emotions. It was a difficult and emotional process and I needed the message that this is a normal part of healing trauma. I learned to move through my healing journey with compassion and gratitude with an understanding healing is not about the destination but the journey itself. I feel fortunate to use my experiences, education and ability to provide deep connections with clients so they can trust and explore their inner worlds in a way that feels safe and builds safe connections. 


A little about me

Favourite Activities

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-Beach combing

-Swimming in lakes & oceans

-Road trips

-Port Renfrew- 

-Sunshine coast-

-Vancouver Island-

 -BC Coast-


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