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Couples Services

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When working with couples I use a structured approach that uses exploration of the relationship, I see the relationship as it’s own entity and support exploring how couples can learn to start truly feeling seen, heard and supported in their relationship. Being able to communicate needs to your partner and feel safe doing so,  and understand on a deeper level what’s coming up for you or your partner when you find yourself in conflict cycles, learning to uncover patterning and identify conflict dynamics or communication styles can help you find new ways through awareness in showing up in your relationship.

The first session is an intake session- 60-90 minutes depending on the presenting issue.

I use a structured way of working with couples. Using Internal Family Systems (IFS)  paired with the Gottman method. Depending on each couple's varied needs of where they are both at and what their goals are as a couple. The Follow-up session may be together or separate.  (Depending on the couple's needs, Every couple is in a different place) 


Regular follow-up sessions 50-minute session time 

Couples come back together once their own family history is explored individually and they feel supported in exploring what’s coming up for each partner's experience. In all the following sessions, we start to explore the presenting issues on a deeper level. And use structured strategies to gain connection and healthier communication styles in

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