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Individual Services


When working with clients individually one on one, I value that the therapeutic connection is vital. It’s essential that clients feel as safe and comfortable as possible when starting to explore their inner world, experiences, and emotions with me. I like to go at the pace each client is comfortable with. I encourage exploring education and supporting the use and learning of different coping strategies, skills, and tools they can take home to use in their own lives. My goal is for clients to find empathetic and non-judgmental support that helps them learn new ways of dealing with what’s happening in their lives and transform them and feel empowered, confident, and motivated.

The first is an intake session- a 50-minute session time; we will review intake paperwork, confidentiality, client symptoms,  goals, and client/family history. 


Regular follow-up sessions- 50-minute session time; we explore the presenting issues, difficulties, and or symptoms and start to explore the client's emotional experiences.

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